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Swordtember 2022 FREE PACK

I LOVE to participate in Swordtember! This year, I made 16x16 and 32x32 versions of 30 swords, one for each day of the month based on a prompt (used Faith Schaffer's list here).

I have decided to offer all the swords I made as a FREE all-purpose asset pack!

As bonuses, I also did little icons for some of them and I have also included the "cut content" versions as I was roughing out my entries!

These assets work as icons for your RPG or game project, allowing you to use any or all of them to help with weapon variety and design!

What Does It Include?

This pack includes:

  • 30 16x16 swordtember 2022 Swords
  • 30 32x32 swordtember 2022 Swords
  • 21 16x16 "cut content" swords
  • 23 32x32 "cut content" swords

Prompt Guide 

  1. Crystal
  2. Candle
  3. Gears
  4. Elemental
  5. Edible
  6. Liquid
  7. Mirror 
  8. Veined
  9. Floral
  10. Snake
  11. Neon
  12. Woven
  13. Hidden
  14. Witch
  15. Dual-Purpose
  16. Shell
  17. Smoke
  18. Glass
  19. Family Heirloom
  20. Leaf
  21. Lantern
  22. Antler
  23. Chain
  24. Coral
  25. Spider
  26. Wooden
  27. Pattern
  28. Asymmetrical
  29. Crown
  30. Skull

Will There be Updates?

Nah, this one's complete as is!

But I also have 30 2021 swords just laying around, so I'll probably release them as a pack in the next few days!


Please note, by purchasing and downloading this product, you are agreeing to the following licensing terms:

What You Can Do:

  • Use in commercial and non-commercial games, personal projects, or public domain projects.
  • Sell works created using this asset, eg: a video game.
  • Modify assets for your own use in personal or commercial projects. For example, reorganizing tile sheets, adjusting size, or mixing and matching assets.
  • Publish work using this asset on websites relating to art, games, and similar.

What You Cannot Do:

  • Resell the original or any modified version.
  • Use the assets or derivatives in logo, trademark, or service mark.
  • Use these assets for generators, code-based art tools, or NFTs.

Contact & Support You can find me on twitter as @hedgewizardgame where I post art almost daily, focused mostly on my indie game The Hedge Wizard. I make other art as side projects or for fun. Any time I really get a bug to make game assets outside of my own projects and commissions, I'll probably put them on itch! If you'd like to commission my work or are simply curious to see more of it, please check out my twitter or my Artstation page. DM me on Twitter with any questions or simply comment below

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Nice, 5 stars

Thank you!

Thank you! These look really great. 

No problem! Enjoy!

I also have a whole other set coming.

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Thanks! Yeah, I remember when some of them were like high-res art, too.

I’m definitely old enough to remember game manuals, the old magazine era, etc. Haha.