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Hello, I found a very serious problem in the process of making the game. Your characters are made too small, take the 64x64 characters as an example, in fact their height is only 54px. After I put them in the map, I found that it was a bit out of place. I tried modifying the height of a character to 64px, and it feels much better. So could you please change the size of most of the characters to 64px

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Hi there.

This is an issue of scale mismatches in your assets. In older versions of these packs, I included three sizes for different RPG makers or engines. 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48 (a weird size that MV/MZ use). I did not make 64x64 assets by default for anything, though you can double the 32x32 or 4x the 16x16 to achieve this result.

However, I changed how I packaged more recent assets like the Free Cyberpunk character pack and some of the other packs. I no longer include all three sizes. Just the 16x16 because it can be manually resized by users very easily with graphics software like GIMP or Aseprite.

Can I ask, what RPGmaker or Engine are you using? Do you have a graphics program like GIMP or Aseprite?

If you do, you can probably fix this by taking the 16x16 characters you want to use and rescaling them 4x to work on a 64x64 tilemap. Personally, I develop in MZ and the default is 48x48 so my usual method is to upscale 3x to get a screen/resolution scale like this:

Different art style with different default scale, but you get the idea. With the same scale assets, but from a different theme, this is what Nine Realms looks like in RMMZ when scaled 3x to be 48x48:

This stuff can be complicated so please ask any questions. I should be able to help you fix this, but making 64x64 sprites is something you should be able to do easily without needing an update to the pack.

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my mistake. is ok now. thanks!

Right on! No worries. It’s one of my least favorite things about doing art and dev, actually. The resolutions and scaling stuff always confuses me or I forget about it and mess up haha. I’m glad it’s working! Let me know if you need anything else and stay tuned for more Cyberpunk stuff!

Please also feel free to comment on any of the Retro Cybercity pages w/ progress on your project, if you feel like sharing. Would love to see what someone else makes with these assets!

These are so neat! Sci-fi is such an underrepresented theme in top-down assets. Very cool 😎


Are the assets in a psd or ai file? Thanks 

They are all in png format, with two sets for each spritesheet, one includes a background color and the other with blank or transparency.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much!

Hi there! These look great :) Do the characters have a walk cycle in 4 directions? And does this pack include those sweet sci-fi cars from the promo images? Thanks 

Yes! The walk cycles are four-directional. I should probably make that clearer in the description!

The sci-fi cars (glad you like them!) aren’t fully ready yet, I only have the sideview sprites finished. I plan to release a vehicle pack down the road which will include more types of automobile, flying vehicles like helicopters and dropships, and more.

Nice! Helicopters and dropships would be very cool :)