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Nine Realms Midgard Villager Pack

Welcome to Midgard, the Middle World.

This is the land of humans, mortals of incredible variety and passion whose short lives are defined by hardship, struggle, and toil. But they are also defined by courage, honor, and resilience. These traits give humans an edge in their own world and their villages will soon spread from horizon to horizon... who might we find there?

This asset pack is for creators looking to work in the fantasy genre but with the aesthetic of Norse mythology (vikings!) as a primary influence.

The pack includes a diverse set of character sprites with 4-directional, 3-frame walking cycles ready for your game project. The pack is top-down perspective and scaled at 16x16 by default. This pack can be used in just about any game engine, though creators may need to make modifications to the size and orientation of sheets. It also includes fully RPGmaker (MV/MZ) compatible sheets that plugnplay with RPGmaker's native resource importer.

The pack mixes together the warm colors and slightly bleak vibes of the comfy52 palette by bess.

What Does It Include?

This pack includes 24 Total Character Sprites w/basic,  3-Frame Walk Cycles. Includes:

  • 6 "Hero" Characters
  • 6 Child Villagers
  • 6 Adult Villagers
  • 6 Elder Villagers

The villagers were designed to resemble either families or individuals over 3 stages of their lives.

Will There be Updates?

This pack is launching complete but I will update with error fixing and there will be a lot more character packs in this theme to come! 

Can I Make Requests?

Yes! If you would like a unique character sprite(s) done in this style for your personal project, please contact me using the below information. I will do these for pretty cheap and to your specifications, so please inquire!


Please note, by purchasing and downloading this product, you are agreeing to the following licensing terms:

What You Can Do:

  • Use in commercial and non-commercial games, personal projects, or public domain projects.
  • Sell works created using this asset, eg: a video game.
  • Modify assets for your own use in personal or commercial projects. For example, reorganizing tile sheets, adjusting size, or mixing and matching assets.
  • Publish work using this asset on websites relating to art, games, and similar.

What You Cannot Do:

  • Resell the original or any modified version.
  • Use the assets or derivatives in logo, trademark, or service mark.
  • Use these assets for generators, code-based art tools, or NFTs.

Contact & Support You can find me on twitter as 

You can find me on twitter as @hedgewizardgame where I post art almost daily, focused mostly on my indie game The Hedge Wizard. I make other art as side projects or for fun. Any time I really get a bug to make game assets outside of my own projects and commissions, I'll probably put them on itch! If you'd like to commission my work or are simply curious to see more of it, please check out my twitter or my Artstation page. DM me on Twitter with any questions or simply comment below.


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More coming! I’m just slow.

Next up will likely be a vehicle pack, but I ran into some issues w/ it and it’s taken longer than expected. Soon!

Good job!


these are really great looking!